Gate Safety Brochure
Installation and programming instructions, wiring diagram and software manual for Videx 4000 Series GSM Intercom
Includes 4K1S/GSM, 4K2S/GSM, 4K3S/GSM, 4K4S/GSM, 4K5S/GSM, 4K6S/GSM, 4K7S/GSM, 4K8S/GSM, 4K9S/GSM, 4K10S/GSM, 4K11S/GSM, 4K12S/GSM, 4K1/GSM, 4K2/GSM, 4K3/GSM, 4K4/GSM, 4K5/GSM, 4K6/GSM, 4K7/GSM, 4K8/GSM, 4K9/GSM, 4K10/GSM, 4K11/GSM, 4K12/GSM
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