Unboxing a TX4UNIS and programming it to replace a 4000 / 8000 / 9000 series remote control for LiftMaster / Chamberlain / MotorLift.

Replacing: LiftMaster 4330E, Chamberlain 4330EML, LiftMaster 4332E, LiftMaster 4333E, Chamberlain 4333EML, Chamberlain 4335E, Chamberlain 4335EML, Chamberlain 84330EML, MotorLift 84330EML, Chamberlain 84333EML, Chamberlain 84335EML, MotorLift 84335EML, LiftMaster 94330E, Wickes 94330EWK, LiftMaster 94333E, LiftMaster 94334E and LiftMaster 94335E