1. If I add a universal receiver to my garage unit will I still be able to use my old remote controls?

A: Yes, all of your old working remote controls will still operate the garage door.

2. If I add a universal receiver to my garage unit will I still be able to use the wired push button on the wall?

A: Yes, adding a receiver will not affect the operation of any wired push buttons or devices

3. I have received my remote control but it is not opening my garage door.

A: All remote controls will have to be programmed, most new remote controls require you to press a Learn button on the back of the garage door motor and then press the button on your new remote control that you would like to use. Other remotes have dipswitches inside that you have to match with your existing remote or receiver. Some remotes can be copied from your existing remote. Please refer to the instructions for your remote control, receiver or gate / garage unit.

4. I have lost/broken all remote controls and have no other way to open the garage door; I cannot get inside the garage door. What do I do?

A: You may have an emergency release fitted to your door and garage door opener unit, if so you need to insert the key into the lock on the front of the garage door, turn it and pull the lock out which pulls a cable to manually release the door from the motor, you will then be able to open the door manually.

If you do not have this you will have to contact a garage door repairs company to try and force the door open. This may be costly, so we advise to always fit a manual lock release which you can purchase here:
Chamberlain 1702REV Universal Emergency Garage Door Release | Call us for other brands of opener…

5. I have a remote control which is on the 418 MHz frequency and I can’t seem to find a replacement anywhere, why is this?

A: All remote controls on 418 MHz frequency have now been discontinued and cannot be sold by law as the 418 MHz frequency is now being used by emergency services. You will have to fit a universal receiver and remote controls on the 433 MHz frequency which are available at easygates.co.uk

6. How do I know which remote control I need?

A: All remote controls are different makes and models. You will need to get the same make as the one you have and usually the exact same model (although some manufactures have different style remotes you can pick as long as they are compatible). Some remotes can be copied with our universal cloning remote. But your existing remote must be 433 MHz and must be a fixed code remote. Fixed code remotes usually have dipswitches inside (a small bank of white switches in a black block, usually about 10 white up & down switches).

If you can’t find the remote control you need, try our remote search or contact us for guidance.

7. Suddenly the range of my remote controls has dropped considerably, and I need to be right next to the garage door / gate to operate it. Why is this?

A: This could be due to a number of things:

  • Interference – This could be locally in your property or remotely in the area. Try turning all the electrical items in your house off and then try and operate the garage door. If this solves the problem, turn the electrical items on one at a time. You may find that a wireless router or telephone may be causing the problem. The interference could be coming from the local area such as temporary traffic lights, a police station’s radio signals and many other things. Give it a week to see if the interference goes away. If not then you may need to get a radio frequency monitor to try and source the interference
  • Faulty remote control – Try changing the batteries, or using a new remote control too see if the remote control is the problem
  • Faulty Radio Receiver – the radio module in your garage door unit or gate system may have gone faulty. Try the above solutions first, if no luck, call us for a replacement.
  • Antenna corroded/ faulty – check the connections to the antenna (if fitted) if it looks rusty or corroded then try replacing the antenna.