CB1 Board Diagram Wiring For Single Set of Photocells to CB1 Control Panel.

The IR Sensor provides additional safety to the gate/door and must be used. Its point of installation depends on the design of the given gate/door. Generally speaking, the light barrier is fitted at around knee height, approx. 35 cm above ground level.How to install Photocells to CB1 Control Panel
IR Sensors comprise of a transmitter element and a receiver element, which must be located opposite one another. A screwdriver can be used to open the light barrier housing (plastic). The IRSensor is fitted to the wall with small screws and wall plugs. Usage of a single set of IR Sensors is a minimum requirement; we recommend using two sets of IR Sensors (and other safety facilities if necessary).

It is possible to connect the IR Sensor as described below. Active when ‘OPENING’ (terminal 14) or active when ‘CLOSING’ (terminal 12). The instructions describe how to connect a single IR Sensor and therefore uses both fuse inputs, i.e. active in both directions. DIP switch 4 on the control unit controls the door wing’s response if thelight beam is interrupted while the gate/door isclosing. An active IR Sensor (only) stops the gate/door or an active IR Sensor reverses the direction of the gate/door.

IR Sensors DiagramThe transmitter element needs a 2-pole cable, the receiver element a 4-pole one. Cable cross-sectional area: 0.5mm2 or more. Voltage: 12/24Volt AC/DC. Terminals (12-13-14) (22/23).