1. Press SW1 or SW2 depending on which channel (button) you wish to program.
    LED Blinks
  2. Press the “Secret” button on transmitter to be programmed
    LED lit continuously
  3. Press the 1st or 2nd transmitter button
    LED blinks again
  4. To add more transmitters repeat steps 2 & 3 within 10 seconds or receiver exits programming mode.
  5. Wait 10 – 15 seconds and receiver will exit program mode.
    LED extinguishes

Location of secret button

If after the initial programming as above the “jumper” JP5 (Intric) or JP4(Clonix) is removed or opened then subsequent transmitters can be added without accessing the receiver as follows:

Adjacent to the receiver enclosure take a transmitter which has been programmed as above.

  1. Press the secret button.
  2. Press the button that you are going to program
  3. Carry out the next step within 10 seconds
  4. Take the new transmitter
  5. Press the secret button
  6. Press the button to be programmed (as in step 2)
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for additional transmitters
  8. Wait 30 Seconds to exit programming

PLEASE NOTE: If there is no secret button on your model of remote, hold down the top two buttons instead.

The above can only be carried out with one of the original programmed transmitters i.e. not with one that has been “cloned” as above.